Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Voluntary Organisations

Hey there.
Aoife here.
In lcvp, with MsMcM we are researching voluntary organisations; Nationally or internationally. Mine is based on a national organisation: Here it is!

Name of organisation:
Arthritis Ireland.

What services does the organisation provide?
They help those who suffer from arthritis, they give advice in how to cope with the arthritis, managing the pain and caring for a person who suffers with arthritis.

Who benefits from the organisation?
People who suffer or live with people who have arthritis, it allows them to learn how to cope with arthritis and living with it.

How is the organisation financed? Does it raise funds from voluntary contributions? How?
The organisation totally depends on public from donating money or fundraising to the organisation. They also receive grants, and money from sponsorship. They also receive money from people’s wills/requests and research funds that they have. With this money it’ll allow them to provide education to members of the public about this disease and try and find cures.

How successful is the organisation?
The organisation is very successful they are known nationally, and are trying to find ways to cure Arthritis

What does the day-to-day running of the organisation involve?
The day to day running of the organisation, the go around the country providing an education programme to help people effectively manage and control this devastating disease, they listen to those who have the disease and their voice is heard and understood, they also work with the medical community to control and cure arthritis.

What is the organisation’s role in the community?
They are trying to help those who suffer with arthritis, the organisation helps those who suffer with the disease try manage and control this disease. It also allows to teach people who know someone who have this disease, and how to cope with the difficulties that it will bring to the person’s life who has the disease and who is living with the disease.