Sunday, September 30, 2012

St. John Ambulance Brigade of Ireland

Catherine sent in this information about a local voluntary organisation which also happens to be a national and international organisation. 

NAME: St. John Ambulance Brigade of Ireland
CONTACT DETAILS: 29 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4
Number - 01 668 8077
WHAT DOES IT DO?: St. John Ambulance runs a one day refresher course where students can up their skills and practice in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Experienced instructors will guide students and offer peer support.
HOW ORGANISED?: St. John Ambulance is at the forefront of providing first aid and training services. Their members are all unpaid volunteers. They think that everyone should have immediate access to
first aid no matter where they are or what they are doing.
BENEFITS FOR CELBRIDGE?: A basic first aid course can help anyone make a difference between a life saved.
MOTIVATION?: St. John Ambulance welcomes new volunteers and look for bright and enthusiastic people to join their organisation. They provide a full range of internal courses to members. 
SUCCESS: As an approved organisation, St. John Ambulance work with the appropriate event organisers, statuory agencies and other organisations to provide first aid cover to the public gatherings.
FUNDING: St John Ambulance is a ‘user pays' organisation and gets funds through providing ambulance services  and first aid training. Additional funding is provided by the Department of Health and through grants from supporters. 

As a not-for-profit organisation, all funds go back into caring for the community, to purchase new equipment, to train personnel and to keep ambulances on the road.
 Funding also comes from running first aid courses such as these below.
Occupational First Aid Course - €300
Community First Aid Course - €100
OFA Fetac Level 5 Refreshner - €140
Find more information about the St John Ambulance Brigade of Ireland at their website