Friday, February 1, 2013

Planning to swim a mile .....smiling!

Orlaith is part of a group working on planning a trip to the National Aquatic Centre in March. Read what she has to say about the project so far.

"As part of our L.C.V.P we are planning to go on a trip to the National Aquatic Centre in Blachardstown to take part in the Ian Daly Swim a Mile With a Smile event. This is organised by a local voluntary organisation; it is an annual event that is aimed at supporting children who have been diagnosed with cancer and their families.
This activity fits in with our L.C.V.P as it is a local voluntary organisation, and we will be able to complete an action plan about the project. At the moment we are busy planning the trip. The first thing we had to was ask our principal if we could participate in the swim and if the co-ordinator of the event, Mr Brian Daly, could come in and give us information about it and why it was set up. We also want to know where the money we will be raising will be going.

We wrote a letter to our principal asking for permission and she said yes. Next we had to write up parental permission slips to get signed. Then we had to sort transport to Blachardstown so we e-mailed two bus companies to get quotes. We will probably book the cheapest one.
We still have a lot more to plan for and next we need to write up our Action Plans for the trip.

To find out more about the Ian Daly Swim a Mile With a Smile go to their website here. Why not take part in the swim yourself, or sponsor one of the LCVP class?"

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Thanks to Orlaith for submitting this report.
Mrs L :)