Saturday, March 12, 2011

Inviting a speaker in

We have been practicing exam questions in class. We brainstormed the answers to the following questions. Here is what we came up with.
You have invited a speaker to your LCVP class. Outline how you would evaluate this visit and state why you chose each one.
1. Class discussion
You can see how much was learned from the visit
Comments can be made straight away/elaborated on
Chosen as easy to organise/quick, no need to prepare for this activity
Students practice speaking out in public
All students can be included easily
2. Class questionnaire
Make out questions to see how much was learned
Chosen because replies are confidential
Inexpensive to operate
Easy to collate results
Good response rate will be obtained
Objective because all students get same questions
3. Ask Teacher/Speaker opinion
Very easy to do
No cost
Teacher will be a good judge
Good way to give feedback to students
4. Written report
Students can have individual reports
Easy to see what students learned
Use of ICT skills can be measured
5. Comparison with another visit
To see if the organisation has improved
To see if anything further was learned
To highlight differences between different visits made (location etc)