Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Describe what makes a person a good team worker?
1.       Willing to work with everyone on the team.
2.       Finding good qualities in everyone in the group and using them to accomplish the goal.
A good team member should:
1.       Never gossip and always represent yourself as a group not as (I) or (me).
2.       Ask questions for everyone’s input.
3.       If someone is struggling in the group jump in and help them out.
4.       Give encouragement and thanks.
5.       Never ridicule someone in front of others.
6.       Not talk about a member to another member.
7.       Pass out bulletins to everyone so no one feels left out.
A good team consist of:
1.       People who are communicative, co-operative, problem solvers and respectable individuals.
2.       People who are good listeners. This helps achieve a solution faster, and with less stress. You have to care about other people views are. If you want to work as a team you have to be able to listen and understand.