Monday, September 26, 2011


Did you use any of these skills in your LCVP projects?

Organisational Skills
  • Deciding on who does what
  • Organising meetings
  • How to come to making decisions
  • Contacting people and organisations
  • Setting up rooms for meetings
  • Obtaining permissions etc
  • Following up activities or events
  • Preparing materials
  • Making appointments
Research Skills
  • Selecting topics and key issues
  • Identifying sources of information and accessing them
  • Reading and summarising information
  • Organising material
Debating Skills
  • Speaking
  • Arranging your materials
  • Identifying key arguments and points
  • Being able to back up an argument
  • Seeing many sides to an argument
  • Being skilful with language
Communication Skills
  • Oral communication
  • Contacting and making arrangements with speakers and organisations
  • Introducing and chairing meetings
  • Summarising discussions
  • Meeting and greeting people
  • Briefing speakers
  • Preparing and sending letters
  • Presentation Skills for small and large groups
Team-working Skills
  • Working in groups
  • Allocating and agreeing tasks
  • Group discussion skills
  • Listening to and talking with others
  • Dealing with debate and even disagreement
  • Accountability to the group
  • Taking responsibility and getting things done

Skills of Analysis
  • Reading and understanding materials and arguments
  • Thinking about arguments and viewpoints
  • Identifying other views and judging them
  • Finding and gathering as well as presenting facts and figures
  • Preparing graphs and diagrams

Presentation Skills
  • Public speaking to large or small groups
  • Deciding on what to present and which arguments to use
  • Structuring what you want to say
  • Using visual materials to present your facts or arguments or those of others
Administrative Skills
  • Writing
  • Typing
  • Filing
  • Telephoning
  • Making bookings
  • Accounting for funds
  • Keeping records