Monday, October 4, 2010

Celbridge Tidy Towns

The local voluntary organisation that I have researched is Celbridge Tidy Towns.

Celbridge Tidy Towns is an organisation which anybody can volunteer with and tidy the town. Their mission is to generate awareness, co-operation and enthusiasm amongst the people of Celbridge in a concerted effort to enhance the natural and built environment of the town. As of September 2010 it has 56 volunteers and more are very welcome.

Their objectives are                                                                  
- Increase pride and morale in the community
- Public awareness of litter and waste management
- Wildlife conservation and enhancement
- Protection of fresh water resources
- A healthier environment
- Improve waste management
- Reduced waste

You can also report littering offences to 1800-243143 or by e.mail to

Contact Ph:  086-2200678
Find more information at:

Thanks Monica

Leah also sent this about Tidy Towns...

The voluntary group I researched is Celbridge Tidy Towns. Tidy Town’s volunteers keep towns and villages clean around Ireland and uses lots of their free time to keep the towns clean and tidy.
Most towns around Ireland have the tidy towns committee in the community to work as a community. In Celbridge they get together and clean up around the place on Sundays.

Tidy Towns is funded through a mixture of public and private money which pays for the organisation. Tidy Towns also have competitions to get more and more people involved. A few years ago there was a competition for the best garden and it got people involved in their community and tidying their neighbourhood and gardens etc.

Thanks Leah