Sunday, October 3, 2010

Club 4 U

Orlaith sent this information about Club 4 You

The local voluntary organisation which I have researched is Club 4 you. Club 4 you is a new and exciting club set up for Transition Year and Pre Leaving Cert /Fifth Year students. The Club encourages youth democracy and focus on providing the skills necessary on running interclub social events.

Our youth members are known as crew members and the club is run, under the guidance of the voluntary adult committee, to provide young people with a positive alternative to alcohol.  It is funded by the Health Service Executive (HSE) Dublin North East and supported by An Garda Siochana and the National Youth Council Ireland.

The main aims and the objectives are:
To facilitate the promotion of peace, understanding and tolerance between young people and the communities in which they live.
To provide occasion where the opinions and views of young people can be aired and heard and to afford local clubs and young people a means of representation nationally and internationally.
To foster youth participation at all levels within local clubs, the organisation  and the community to enable young people to participate more fully in the of society.

By taking part in Club 4 U you are given the chance to meet other young people from different communities in Ireland at the National Club4U events. You are given the opportunity to organise events for your local communities.

Club4You engage in many activities like Halloween, summer BBQ’s, national Crew Member of the Year and Christmas celebrations.

The number you need to contact is Honor at Club4You  087-6250928

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Thanks Orlaith
Mrs L