Sunday, October 3, 2010

Barretstown Camp

Emma sent the following information to the blog....

Barretstown Camp is a place where children with serious illnesses and their families can go to help them through the tough time and help them forget about everything and enjoy themselves. It also helps them learn to have fun and rebuild their confidence and self-esteem. Barretstown is based at a castle in the foothills of Ireland's Wicklow Mountains.

Barretstown was founded by Hollywood actor Paul Newman in 1994.

All of the children and families that come to Barretstown can come for free. Everything, including accommodation, food, medical assistance and round-trip airfares are provided at no cost to the family. A minimum of 115 children come to the summer camps each year.

Each staff member is called a Cara which is the Irish word for friend. There are 2 programs - Family Programme which takes place at weekends. A Children, Sibling, Teen and Young adult programme takes place during the summer.

Barretstown relies on around 700 volunteers each year to help the programmes happen. Each year it costs almost €5 million to run these programmes at Barretstown. 

You can contact them through there website at or thourgh email at

You can telephone them at +353 (0) 45 864 115

Thanks Emma :)