Friday, September 24, 2010

Enterprise / Action Plan SLO's

Link Module II Unit 4-An Enterprise Activity
Specific Learning Outcomes

4.1 Work co-operatively with others to generate a range of ideas
4.2 Prepare a plan for the selected enterprise activity
4.3 Identify available resources to support an enterprise activity
4.4 Integrate information from a variety of sources including relevant Leaving Certificate subjects
4.5 Assess personal and group skills and identify possible training needs
4.6 Identify and recruit consultants willing to advise on a selected enterprise activity
4.7 Understand the practical importance of market research and marketing mix
4.8 Be aware of the concepts of publicity and promotion
4.9 Actively participate in group work in a variety of roles-owner, worker, team leader
4.10 Take responsibility to ensure that targets are reached
4.11 Participate in a review of group performance
4.12 Review personal performance in an enterprise activity
4.13 Prepare and present a written or verbal report on an enterprise report
4.14 link the activities in this unit to learning in relevant Leaving Certificate subjects
4.15 evaluate the successes achieved and problems encountered in this unit