Thursday, September 23, 2010

LCVP terminology

A number of terms appear frequently in the general questions. They are listed below, along with their meanings.

Analyse: to study a problem in detail by breaking it down into various parts and examining possible relationships

Apply: to bring knowledge or skills into use for a particular purpose

Comment on: to express an opinion about something

Compare to: examine two or more things in order to discover their similarities or differences

Contrast: to show the difference/s between

Criterion: a standard by which something can be judged or decided

Characteristics: distinguishing qualities or attributes of an individual or object

Define: to state the precise meaning of

Describe: to give an account of a person, relationship, event, organisation or location

Draft: to draw up a document, letter, report

Evaluate: to find or determine the worth, value or significance of something; to assess or make a judgement

Explain: to make clear in a detailed manner

Identify: to show recognition of something

Illustrate: to make clear by means of examples, charts, diagrams, etc.

Indicate: to point out or state briefly

List: to write down a number of names or objects having something in common

Mention : to refer to briefly

Outline: to give a short summary of the important features of a subject

Qualities: the distinguishing characteristics or attributes of an individual or object

Suggest : to put forward an idea or Plan