Friday, September 24, 2010

Work Experience SLO's

Link Module I Unit 1-Introduction to working life
Specific Learning Outcomes

1.8 Identify and understand the main differences between school and work
1.10 Understand current regulations/legislation relating to the employment of young workers
1.11 Understand current Health and Safety regulations in workplaces
1.12 Role-play a situation that could give rise to a dispute in the workplace
1.13 Understand issues related to diversity in the workplace
1.14 List the different forms of assistance for unemployed people
1.15 Arrange a visit to a training scheme in the locality and/or invite an appropriate speaker from such an organisation to visit the group in the school
1.16 Link the activities in this unit to learning in relevant Leaving Certificate subjects

Link Module I Unit 3-Career Investigation
Specific Learning Outcomes
3.6 Plan and set up an opportunity to interview and/or work shadow a person in a selected career

Link Module I Unit 4- Work Placement
Specific Learning Outcomes
4.1 specify personal goals in relation to a work placement
4.2 plan and organise a work placement
4.3 attend punctually for a specific placement
4.4 dress appropriately for a specific placement
4.5 follow a set of procedures in accordance with specific instructions
4.6 communicate effectively with other workers in a particular placement
4.7 follow a specific set of instructions relating to Health & Safety
4.8 review personal experiences in relation to a work placement
4.9 analyse reports by adults of personal performance in a workplace
4.10 reflect on and evaluate a specific work placement in the light of career aspirations
4.11 describe how what has been learned can be applied to work at home, in school and in the community
4.12 present a diary/written/verbal report on a specific work placement
4.13 link the activities in this unit to learning in relevant Leaving Certificate subjects