Friday, September 24, 2010

What is a Career Investigation?

The ability to research and plan a career is an essential part of the toolkit of today’s worker, who needs to continuously respond and adapt to a rapidly changing working environment. Students too, in preparing for life after school, need to know how to access information about career opportunities and be able to evaluate the vocational options open to them.

LCVP students who engage in a career investigation, in conjunction with other guidance and counselling activities in the school, can learn important skills in career research and planning, and improve their communicative and decision making skills.

The career investigation is a short summary of the information gathered and the insights gained by a student during the course of active research into a chosen career. This portfolio item is an outcome of Unit 3 of the Link Modules, Preparation for the World of Work. In this unit students are encouraged and facilitated to actively investigate careers related to their aptitudes, interests and choice of Leaving Certificate subjects, with particular reference to their selected vocational subjects.