Thursday, September 23, 2010

What is a CV?

Students are required to compile and create a curriculum vitae (CV) as part of Unit 2 of the Link Module, Preparation for the World of Work. This unit introduces other job-seeking skills including letter writing, form filling and interview preparation. The CV provides a challenge for students to communicate information about themselves in a way that is concise and easy to read. It is an important skill—one that may well be of use to them throughout their working lives.

A curriculum vitae is a short account of what a person has to offer a potential employer. Its purpose is to gain an interview for a job and it is likely to form the basis of that interview. While there is no one definitive template, a CV will typically contain the applicant's personal details and short statements outlining his/her qualifications, qualities and skills, work experience, achievements and interests.

For the purpose of the Link Modules’ portfolio, students should not prepare a CV for a particular job. They should compose a general, all purpose CV that concentrates on presenting relevant information in a concise and ordered way. Students will add to their skills and experience during the course of the LCVP and should be encouraged to
revise their CV's at regular intervals. It is hoped that the CV selected for inclusion in the Link Modules portfolio will contain evidence of new skills and experience gained by the student during the course of the Programme