Saturday, October 8, 2011

Entrepreneur profile

Here is Siobhan's profile of Niall Mellon
Niall Mellon -The Niall Mellon Township Trust.

Background-      Niall Mellon was born in 1967. He is from Ballyroan in county Dublin. When he finished school he joined his father’s investment brokerage. When he was 24 he set up his own mortgage company. His interests in the property and financial services soon grew. He had a great interest in buildings and property development and he carried out many different building projects in the United Kingdom.

The idea-             In 2002 while he was on holiday in South Africa he was appalled by the amount of shacks that he seen driving down the motor way. He went to see some of the townships on his visit and also met with some of the community leaders there. He decided that he wanted to do something about it because he believed that no human should live in a shack.
Not knowing if it was going to be a success or not he decided that he would take the risk and set up the “Niall Mellon Township Trust” where we would go to South Africa with volunteers and build houses for the people living in shacks.

His business-     His business is located in Tralee. He set up his charity using his own funds along with help and support from close family members and friends. The charity depends on volunteers to raise money and travel with him to South Africa each year to built houses. His company employs 104 full time staff and 28 community and site staff.
 Each year Niall Mellon along with many volunteers travel to South Africa for the “Building Blitz” As well as building house for the poor they also provide employment for local builders in South Africa by getting them to help them with the “Building Blitz” It also provides business for local companies that supply building materials as they source all their goods locally in South Africa.

Charity Work-   because of his great efforts with his charity work he has received praise from many people such as Nelson Mandela. He has also been awarded doctorate of Philosophy by D.I.T ad also a Doctor of Law by U.C.C. He has been given international honours for his efforts to encourage the spirit of volunteering.

Characteristics- Niall Mellon shows many different characteristics of an enterprising person such as being a risk taker, a leader, innovative, highly motivated and a very good communicator.

Here is a link to the Niall Mellon  Township Trust for more information.