Saturday, October 15, 2011

No Jobs? These Mexican Immigrants Made Their Own

Apple is a collective of five Mexican women living in New York City who got tired of working odd jobs and wanted more control of their careers. After meeting at a Brooklyn day laborer hiring site, where they would compete for cleaning jobs with dozens of other women, the quintet decided go into business for themselves, and formed an Limited Liability Company. 

They also began making their own cleaning products at home out of natural ingredients. The result is a less toxic home for their growing roster of clients and a safer cleaning day for the women themselves, who would sometimes get headaches from working for hours amid traditional chemical cleansers.

What were the reasons for these women setting up their own business?
What skills did / do these women have to become entrepreneurs?
What qualities of an entrepreneur did / do they have?
What steps are the women taking to ensure their business is a success?